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  • How to get to the resort ?
    To and from Cebu to Pintuyan Anyone coming from Cebu has the option, for example, to take the Supercat or Oceanjet fast ferry to the city of Ormoc (Leyte). Or alternatively go to Bato or Hilongos (Leyte) with a slow ferry, these ferries are usually night ferries, Cebu Hilongos is Gabisan or Roble. From Manila to Pintuyan From Manila fly to Tacloban. - On a budget (5 hours if lucky :D ): In Tacloban take a taxi to the bus station, from there ride a van to Sogod. In Sogod, ride a van to San Ricardo and stop in Pintuyan: Less than php 1000. - Driver can pick you up at Tacloban airport: php 6000. Arrival from the island of Bohol To get to Leyte from Bohol, you drive by car (van) or bus to the city of Ubay, where there are ferry companies that usually translate to the city of Bato or Hilongos (Leyte) in the morning and afternoon. Travel time by Bangka or ferry approx. 3 hours. We offer a paid transfer from Hilongos or Bato. Here is a short description of how to get to Pintuyan from Hilongos or Bato by public transport. The city of Hilongos and Bato both have a bus terminal, from there buses and vans go at least to the city of Sogod, possibly even directly to San Ricardo. If not, you have to change the bus (van) in the city of Sogod at the bus terminal and then continue to Pintuyan. Malapasqua to Pintuyan It is possible to take a trip from Malapasqua to the island of Kalanggaman (Palompon) and then take a bangka from the island of Kalanggaman to Palompon (Leyte). However, this must be requested from your resort on Malapasqua. -From Malapasqua back to the island of Cebu and then take a vehicle to the town of Bogo Cebu and then take the ferry to Palompon Leyte. It is also possible to drive to Cebu City and take a fast ferry (Oceanjet or Supercat) to Ormoc (Leyte). These can be booked online in advance Or take the ferry from Cebu City to Hilongos or Bato, but these are usually slow and night ferries. Another option is to fly from Cebu to Tacloban. We also offer the service of being picked up within Leyte, this is done with a van. Arrival from Siragao to Pintuyan Transfer 1 (long journey) From Siargao take the fast ferry to Surigao. If you don't want to change the ferry terminal there, you can take the ferry company FastCat to Liloan. Travel time approx. 3.5 hours. From there it is about 30 kilometers to our resort. We don't offer transfers from Liloan to our resort because they are officially too expensive, the price is PHP 3,500. But we know someone in Liloan who picks up guests there for us. I have to ask about the price and whether he has time Transfer 2 From Siargao take the fast ferry to Surigao City. Once you have arrived in Surigao City (ferry terminal), you then have to change the ferry terminal to Surigao Lipatta in order to then travel with the ferry company San Ricardo to Southern Leyte in the city of San Ricardo. The ferry journey time is just over an hour. From San Ricardo you can take a tricycle to our resort, the distance is approximately 7 kilometers. Unfortunately you cannot book the ferry online and the travel times to San Ricardo are subject to change
  • Do we offer airport/city transfers for our guests?
    Yes, a van is available with a maximum capacity of 4-5 divers with equipment or 8 persons without diving equipment. From Pintuyan Dive Resort : To San Ricardo port via Tricycle: php 150-180 To Tacloban Airport via van: php 6000 To Bato or Hilongos via van: php 3500 To Ormoc port via van: php 6000 To Palompon via van: php 7500
  • How can I book accommodation?
    There are a few different ways to book accommodation at Pintuyan Dive Resort: Via Via, Via, Via Direct Booking,
  • What are the payment methods accepted at the Resort?
    We accept various payment methods to ensure convenience for guests. - Credit card payments are accepted, but there will be a fee of 6%. - PayPal is also an excellent payment option as it allows for a "friend to friend" transaction. - For Wise, guests must be registered in their home country. - Cash payments can be made using Philippine pesos, Euros, or US dollars at Palawan Money Change.
  • Is it necessary to book a whale shark watching tour in advance?
    No, it is not necessary to book a whale shark watching tour in advance. Our resort offers whale shark watching tours daily and our team will always find a spot for you to experience this incredible opportunity. However, if you have a specific date in mind or prefer to secure your spot, feel free to contact us ahead of time and we would be more than happy to accommodate your request.
  • Have many days should I stay if I want to go on a whale shark watching tour?
    To guarantee a Whale Shark sighting, we recommend a minimum stay of 2 days. Whilst we cannot guarantee a sighting, it is highly likely you will encounter a Whale Shark during your stay. The reason we cannot make this guarantee is because we do not feed the Whale Sharks here. We do not participate in unsustainable practices of tourism, rather, the wellbeing and conservation of the Whale Sharks are our priority. To learn more about our conservation and ecotourism guidelines, please see "THIS TAB..."
  • Can I rent snorkeling/diving equipment?
    Yes, you can rent snorkeling and diving equipment at Pintuyan Dive Resort. It is necessary to have equipment for both activities, especially for snorkeling during the Whale Shark watching tours and for diving. We offer a variety of equipment, including masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits, and tanks. Our equipment is well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for our guests.
  • Can I dive or snorkel with just my swimsuit?
    Yes, you can, but it is not recommended. The region in which we operate has a high number of jellyfish, and to avoid getting stung, we suggest you wear/bring a rash guard and underwater leggings while snorkeling with the sharks or diving. We prioritize your safety, which is why we recommend taking proper precautions while indulging in underwater activities. Our team can assist you in choosing protective gear suitable for your size and length of stay, ensuring you have a comfortable and safe diving experience.
  • Can I go diving with whale sharks ?
    No, you cannot dive with whale sharks. However, if we happen to spot a whale shark during one of our diving tours, we consider ourselves lucky and will take the opportunity to admire it from afar. We do offer whale shark watching tours where you can snorkel with these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.
  • Can I dive in the Island of Limasawa?
    Yes, diving in the Island of Limasawa is possible all year round, except during the months of December and January, where it largely depends on the weather.
  • Can I dive in Padre Burgos?
    No, Padre Burgos is too far from our location. However, we offer several dive sites that you can explore. Please check our dive sites page for more information and to see the unique underwater wonders that Pintuyan has to offer.
  • What are the conservation fees?
    The municipality of Pintuyan requires a Conservation fee of php 250 to be paid by all guests at Pintuyan Dive Resort. This fee goes towards the conservation and protection of the stunning marine environment surrounding the resort, supporting the efforts to maintain the natural beauty of the area for future generations to enjoy.
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