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Whale Shark Tours
And General Information

A whale shark sighting trip by boat including 2 Spoter costs: 

for 1 person = PHP 4,500

for 2 people = each person PHP 2,250

for 3 people = each person PHP 1,670

from 4 people = each person PHP 1,600

The whale shark excursion is limited by the tourism office to 3 hours at sea. 

Not included in the price: 

mask, snorkel and fins, 

(you need this to swim with the whale sharks).

Which can be rented for a fee.


Mask, snorkel, fins = PHP 180

each additional spoter PHP 500.00

Environmental Fee PHP 300 per person.

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Whale Shark and Underwater Photographer

Want to know more about Whale Sharks ?



The Whale Sharks season

The gentle giants feel particularly comfortable in our diving waters here. We find the whale sharks at our house reef   or often 10 to 15 minutes away from our diving resort. The giants are often found near the coast no deeper than 3 meters. Here are, among other things, the “playgrounds” of the whale sharks, which are mostly visited by the younger whale sharks measuring 3 to 8 m in length. But the larger whale sharks can also be found here. There are days of the year when we find up to 10 whale sharks in one trip. The whale sharks are hardly disturbed by us as they   are doing their favorite activity, eating plankton.

 The encounter

 Encountering whale sharks is undoubtedly one of the highlights for every diver. There are some divers who have completed many dives throughout their lives, but unfortunately have never had the chance to get even close to a whale shark. Where and when exactly you can expect a whale shark encounter obviously depends on a bit of luck, as there are no guarantees or tickets for sighting the whale sharks   . Despite everything, the likelihood of us   snorkeling with the giants or perhaps even diving with them is very high. All of our whale shark encounters take place in the waters of Pintuyan, very often right on our house reef in front of our resort


The best probability

 We have been watching whale sharks here in Pintuyan and the surrounding area for a good 16 years. and we always notice that whale sharks can be found here all year round. If one can speak of a whale shark season at all, it usually starts in September and continues into July and even August. Of course, the whole thing depends on the food supply, as the whale sharks are always looking for food, and without the plankton, which fortunately is available here almost all year round. Otherwise the whale sharks would certainly not be found here.

Ocean Water

Whale Shark Interaction Guidelines

Whale shark watching guidelines are essential to ensure a pleasant tour for us and to respect the well-being of the sharks, which ultimately leads to longer interaction times and reduced disturbance to these magnificent creatures!

- No touch

- No splash entry in the water

- No roadblock

- No flash photography

- No feeding

- Try to keep a min distance of 3 meters from the head and body of the shark and 4 meters from the tail

-  Do not use selfie sticks

Thank you ! :)

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